Voter suppresion

Inwe saw some of the biggest problems in Georgia, where voters waited for up to five hours to vote. Watch our video to hear some real stories from real voters on Election Day.

Voter suppresion

Bernie Sanders urged every single U. If elected, Abrams would become the first African American female governor in the nation. Led by the Georgia Coalition of the People's Agenda, the local NAACP, and other civil rights groups, the suit pdf seeks to halt enforcement of the so-called "exact match" rule that allows the state to purge registrations if any part of their name or other information does not match existing documents.

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate, has said she is "deeply worried" that tens of thousands of Georgians are being stripped of their constitutional rights and Abigail Collazo, a spokesperson for her campaign, said "Kemp is maliciously wielding the power of his office to suppress the vote for political gain and silence the voices of thousands of eligible voters.

In Georgia, in order to try to win the election there, cowardly Republicans are blatantly suppressing the vote and denying many African Americans the right to participate in the election.

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Every American must vigorously protest this outrageous action. Voting is a fundamental right, and we must secure it for every American. Closing polling places in communities of color Purging eligible voters from the rolls without their knowledge Barring felons from voting Voter ID laws Eliminating early voting As Michaelson notes, aach one these tactics "alone is troubling" but taken in aggregate, "they paint an unmistakable picture of Republican efforts to hold on to power in an increasingly non-white nation by making it harder for non-white people to vote.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly referred to Kemp as Goergia's Attorney General. That error has been fixed.

Voter suppresion

He is the Secretary of State. This is the world we cover. Because of people like you, another world is possible.

Search form My next door neighbor, registered for years as a Dem, an RHA activist, extremely politically engaged, especially in local and state elections this season, is also not on the rolls at our polling place. Happened to me too.

There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. Common Dreams is not your normal news site.

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We don't survive on clicks. We don't want advertising dollars. We want the world to be a better place. But we can't do it alone.

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It doesn't work that way. If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do.VOTING RIGHTS WHAT'S AT STAKEVoting rights are under attack nationwide as states pass voter suppression laws.

These laws lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right. Since , states across the country have passed measures to make it harder for . Voter suppression is a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing specific groups of people from voting.

It is distinguished from political campaigning in that campaigning attempts to change likely voting behavior by changing the opinions of potential voters through persuasion and organization. An initial look at state laws makes it clear that the fight continues against voter suppression across the country.

But many states looking to expand access to the polls and make a more inclusive democracy. 'Outrageous' Voter Suppression by 'Cowardly Republicans' in Georgia Part of Nationwide GOP Attack on Democracy Sen. Bernie Sanders urged every single U.S.

voter to "vigorously protest this outrageous action" in Georgia. These measures include cuts to early voting, voter ID laws, and purges of voter ACLU is engaged in advocacy and litigation across the country to get rid of these harmful voter suppression measures once and for all.

Sep 08,  · Even after a federal appeals court struck down the state’s anti-voter law, Republicans are finding new ways to stop blacks from voting.

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