The blind duck

Check out our YouTube channel! Setting the posts in concrete will make your duck blind a permanent construction.

The blind duck

20 Portable Duck Blinds

I answer all emails. If you do not get a reply, look in your spam or junk folder. They range from very early to last, many are one of a kind and or have a special letter attached. Most, if not all, are Mint, most have boxes and papers.

If any one has a serious interest in all of them, contact me. I am not interested in breaking them up. Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew.

Special Ducks Unlimited Edition. Laid in is a card from DU stating the book has over calls covered and makers, plus the history of duck calls.

The photo shows both the book and the laid in price guide, it is not two pics of the book. Yes it is dated, but it gives relative values. Book is very fine. Dj has edge chips and small tears. Top left front of dj has a white spot where a price tag was removed, I presume.

A wonderful book by a great guy. Interested in Perdew calls? Or any other call made in Illinois before ? It is in here. Great photos augment detailed text. Brand new copies available. Duck Calls and other Game Calls. The first book on duck calls and the hardest to locate.

The blind duck

This one As New in like dj which is protected by clear plastic sleeve. It is the sleeve that caused the wrinkle in the photo. This is my Glynn Scobey Call Collection. It is offered here for the first time.

There are just over calls. There is a description of each one below the photo. These are NOT run of the mill Scobey calls.

Each one is special for one reason or another. Read the descriptions closely. If you have any questions, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. You will find the price at the end of the descriptions.

Your duck blind source. Easy-Up Duck boat blinds by Flyway Specialties

I lightened the photo so you can see the calls better. Keep in mind the calls are vividly brightly colored with Glynn's final coats the way they were when they left his shop, most seeing daylight for the first time for the photo sesession.

Top row, left of middle there is a plain duck call. This is my earliest Glynn Scobey duck call. Pre-signature with very rounded shoulders. Mint Moving to the right in the top row the next four are scribed with partial paint.

They are not all the same, you can see the progression Glynn made as an artist especially in the wings. Continuing to the right the next three calls are all paint with no scribing. When you get to the end of a row drop down to the next and go to the approximate middle.Quack Grass is the ulimate camouflage for your duck boat blind goose pit blinds or any other type of hunting in grass areas.

ready for some karaoke and some fun for a good cause come out!!!!!4/5(62). The Muskrat Hut: Float Tube Duck Blind. Quickly turn your boat into a duck blind, although this netting can be Avery Outdoors Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Set.

by Avery.

DUCK 2-Man Modular Deadly Duckā„¢ Blind

$ - $ $ $ 95 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some colors are Prime eligible. Product Description to turn your boat into a camouflaged Duck or Goose blind. The. Bayou Deview Duck Blinds has been manufacturing top of the line duck blinds for 17 years.

We guide out of our blinds every day of duck season in Arkansas, so over the years we have made some changes to our blinds to make them as comfortable and durable as possible. Organizations worldwide use Black Duck Software's solutions to ensure open source security and license compliance in their applications and containers.

Quack Grass - Duck Boat Blind Camo