Sports thesis statements

History[ edit ] The origin of the divergence of the term "extreme sports" from "sports" may date to the s in the appearance of a phrase usually, but wrongly, attributed to Ernest Hemingway. The implication of the phrase was that the word "sport" defined an activity in which one might be killed. The other activities being termed "games". The phrase may have been invented by either writer Barnaby Conrad or automotive author Ken Purdy.

Sports thesis statements

First sentence would be the thesis statement for this one. Not sure what your exactly looking for in particular but this is what I came up with. History of Sports Sports, which can be broadly defined as physical exertion for recreation or in competition, date so far back that modern historians cannot determine with certainty what the first sport or sports were.

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A reasonable assumption is that sports began the first time a person used physical energy under recreational conditions. Such sport could well have been fishing or hunting for pleasure or merely engaging in a playful demonstration of physical prowess.

Sports thesis statements

Modern sports, however, are often thoroughly organized, with complicated sets of rules; sophisticated equipment; precise timing, measuring, and scoring devices; spectators; and extensive coverage by media.

Much of the development in sports, no matter how old such physical pastimes are, has taken place in the past two centuries, and the preponderance of this growth has occurred in the last 50 years. Evidence obtained from archaeological excavations indicates that the Sumerians practiced wrestling as a sport about 5, years ago.

Wrestling was essentially a survival skill that required practice in order to perfect various holds and grips.

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That it became a sport was almost inevitable. The same may be said for fishing or hunting.Thesis Statements A thesis statement should be argumentative (debatable) and function as a one-two sentence --condensation of your paper’s primary claim (or argument).

Thesis statements are necessary so that readers can identify the point and/or argument of your paper early in the paper. A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah Most importantly, a good thesis statement makes a statement.

After all, it’s called a thesis statement for a reason!

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“This is an interesting statement!” you want your reader to think. Get an answer for 'what can be considered a good thesis statement for an sports essayplease help as i cant think of a strikng statement to start my essay on the disadvantages and advantages on. In composition and academic writing, a thesis statement (or controlling idea) is a sentence in an essay, report, research paper, or speech that identifies the main idea and/or central purpose of the rhetoric, a claim is similar to a thesis.

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