Project milestone definition

Resource Dependent These Activity Types have a duration and will calculate the duration only using the calendar assigned to the activity when NO resources are assigned to the activity. These activities acknowledge Resource Calendars when resources are assigned.

Project milestone definition

Line-of-balance A scheduling technique for delivery of repetitive products that shows how resource teams move from product to product rather than the detail of individual activities. Managed The fourth level of a typical capability maturity model where metrics are gathered on process performance and used to control future performance.

Management plan A plan that sets out the policies and principles that will be applied to the management of some aspects of a project, programme or portfolio.

Management reserve A sum of money held as an overall contingency to cover the cost impact of some unexpected event. Maturity model An organisational model that describes a number of evolutionary stages through which an organisation improves its management processes.

A key event selected for its importance Project milestone definition the schedule. Mobilisation Ensures that the project, Project milestone definition or portfolio has appropriate organisational and technical infrastructures and mechanisms for putting resources in place. Monte Carlo analysis A technique used to estimate the likely range of outcomes from a complex process by simulating the process under randomly selected conditions a large number of times.

A discussion between two or more parties aimed at reaching agreement. Network analysis A collective term for the different ways in which a network diagram may be analysed, including for example, critical path analysis, program evaluation and review technique and critical chain.

A model of activities and their dependencies comprising nodes and links. Objectives Predetermined results towards which effort is directed. Operations management The management of those activities that create the core services or products provided by an organisation.

Opportunity A positive risk event that, if it occurs, will have a beneficial effect on achievement of objectives. Optimising The fifth and last level of a typical maturity model where continuous process improvement is enabled by quantitative feedback from the process and from piloting innovative ideas and technologies.

Organisation The management structure applicable to the project, programme or portfolio and the organisational environment in which it operates. The changed circumstances or behaviour that results from the use of an output.

A milestone payment is simply a certain % of the fee of a project that the client pays over the course of the project rather than paying % at the end. One rough example of a milestone payment system would be if a client payed you 30% upfront, 30% after the first draft is submitted, and 40% at project . The Project Management Plan (PMP) is a formal, approved document used to manage project execution. The PMP documents the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate the various planning activities. The PMP defines Milestone 1 • Milestone 2. PM-COP Artifact ID: P Free Project Management Certification Practice Quiz from

The tangible or intangible product typically delivered by a project. P3 assurance The process of providing confidence to stakeholders that projects, programmes and portfolios will achieve their scope, time, cost and quality objectives, and realise their benefits.

Definition - Milestone (project management)

The collective term for project, programme and portfolio management. P3 management team A collective term for those involved in the sponsorship and day-to-day management of a project, programme or portfolio. A life cycle where phases are conducted in parallel.

Parametric estimating An estimating technique that uses a statistical relationship between historic data and other variables to calculate an estimate. The major subdivision of a life cycle. Planning Determines what is to be delivered, how much it will cost, when it will be delivered, how it will be delivered and who will carry it out.

Portfolios can be managed at an organisational or functional level.

Project milestone definition

Precedence network A network diagram in which activities are represented by rectangles nodes and their dependencies are represented by arrows. A project management methodology. Prioritise The phase of a portfolio life cycle where priorities are set by strategic objective, return on investment or any other chosen metric.

Procurement Procurement is the process by which products and services are acquired from an external provider for incorporation into the project, programme or portfolio.The milestone represents the completion of a major step in the project that requires the commitment of a certain amount of time, resources and effort; and the deliverable indicates the measurable.

Page Name. Definition Name. Navigation. Usage. Project Milestones. CA_PROJ_MLS. select Project Costing, then select Project Definitions, then select Project Milestones. Search and view project milestones with an activity status of Milestone meeting selected search criteria.

From this page you can navigate to details of contracts tied to the project milestone. Milestone Payment Definition. A "Milestone Payment" is an Authority payment made to a Contractor which is linked to the Contractor delivering a service or commodity such that, should the Agreement be terminated at the point of payment, the Authority will have received working assets that would have some "intrinsic value" (at least equal to or greater than the total of the aggregate Milestone.

2. Project management: Scheduled event that indicates the completion of a major deliverable event (or a set thereof) of a project.

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Milestones are measurable and observable and serve as progress markers (flags) but, by definition, are independent of time (have zero durations) therefore no work or consumption of resources is associated with them.

Developmental milestones can be important markers of normal child development, though your child's development tends to be highly individual. A developmental milestone is an ability that most children achieve by a certain age. These milestones can involve physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and communication skills such as walking.

A Milestone Retrospective is a team's detailed analysis of the project's significant events after a set period of time or at the project's end. A Milestone Retrospective is a team's detailed analysis of the project's significant events after a set period of time or at the project's end.


Once a project has been underway for some.

Using Project Milestones to Track Accomplishments and Status