Nokia challenges in rural marketing in india

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Nokia challenges in rural marketing in india

Nokia challenges in rural marketing in india

Twelve problems faced in rural marketing are as follows: Deprived people and deprived markets 2. Lack of communication facilities 3. Many languages and dialects 5. Low per capita Income 7. Low levels of literacy 8. Prevalence of spurious brands and seasonal demand 9.

Different way of thinking Problems in sales force management Deprived people and deprived markets: The number of people below the poverty line has not decreased in any appreciable manner.

A vast majority of rural people is tradition bound, and they also face problems such as inconsistent electrical power, scarce infrastructure and unreliable telephone system, and politico-business associations that hinder development efforts.

Lack of communication facilities: A large number of villages in the country have no access to telephones.

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Other communication infrastructure is also highly underdeveloped. Many rural areas are not connected by rail transport. Many roads have been poorly surfaced and got severely damaged during monsoons.

The use of bullock carts is inevitable even today. Camel carts are used in Rajasthan and Gujarat in both rural and urban sectors. Many languages and dialects: The languages and dialects vary from state to state, region to region and probably from district to district.

Since messages have to be delivered in the local language, it is difficult for the marketers to design promotional strategies for each of these areas. Rural population is scattered over a large land area. Manufacturers and retailers prefer such occasions, as they allow greater visibility and capture the attention of the target audience for larger spans of time.

Advertising in such a highly heterogeneous market is also very expensive. Low per capita Income: The per capita income of rural people is low as compared to the urban people.


Moreover, demand in rural markets depends on the agricultural situation, which in turn depends on the monsoons. Therefore, the demand is not stable or regular. Hence, the per-capita income is low in villages compared with urban areas. Low levels of literacy: The level of literacy is lower compared with urban areas.

This again leads to a problem of communication in these rural areas. Print medium becomes ineffective and to an extent irrelevant, since its reach is poor. Prevalence of spurious brands and seasonal demand: For any branded product, there are a multitude of local variants, which are cheaper and hence more desirable.In specific segments, such as GSM telephony, Nokia’s market share in India is as high as 70%.

In mid, Finland-based telecom giant, Nokia Corporation (Nokia) launched its Nokia Life Tools (NLT) service in the state of Maharashtra in India. Analysts viewed it as the company's bid to expand its rural base in the country.

What are the challenges in rural marketing in India?

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Update Cancel. ad by Truthfinder. There are significant challenges while trying to market your product in rural areas. A few of the dominant ones are: 1. Means of communicating about your product to the people What are the challenges in rural marketing?

There is no doubt that rural market reveals opportunities and great attraction to marketers. But, it not as easy as it seems on surface.

It is not so simple to enter and succeed in this market in a smooth way. This market poses a variety of challenges, and, therefore, the marketer has to work hard to tackle these challenges tactfully.

Nokia challenges in rural marketing in india

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