Fiscal policy 3 essay

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Fiscal policy 3 essay

Fiscal policy 3 essay

With the increase in government expendure towards infrastructure and educational programs, preseidentail popularity numbers increased. Also, increased governmeanal expenditure created an increase in real gross domestic product.

As the gross domestic product numbers rose, consumer incomes increased while unemployment numbers fell. The decrease in unemployment was due to governmental expenditure towards infrastructure. Jobs were created for the citizens of Erehwon through airport and highway expansion projects funded by the government.

The second decision made by the president also led to a higher popularity rating. Increased government spending towards education and infrastructure led to the increased popularit rating. The income tax rates were not altered at this time.

Reducing taxes can increase popularity more then increasing government spending however, by just reducing taxes you can not fulfill the populations need for development which is why governmental expenditure was chosen at this time.

The decisions made were successful for the conditions of the econmy and put the economy on the right track towards positive economic growth.

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Real economic decisions are not as easy to tackle in real life scenarios. Economists argue forecasting is an art, not a science. Economists must be able to indentify a few key contribuotirs to economic success before mapping out a game plan.

The solutions to economic woes are not as easy as identifying whether or not the economy is in a recession or not. Ecoomists must identify the situation and contributing factors which will aide towards creating a plan of action for the economy. Economists need to identify the level of potential income and target rate of unemployment.

These ideal scenarios will aide in helping economist identify the multiplier for the aggregate demand and supply curves.

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Governments rely on large macroeconomic models and leading indicators to predict what path the econmy will be on later down the road. After identifying target potential income and target rate of unemployment, the government can determine the size of the multiplier.

Once the multiplier and economic factors have been explored, recoomindtions of either using expansionary or contractionary policies can be choosen. As seen in the simulation, the government has flexibility in changing taxes and governmental expenditure. Fiscal policy is defined by the deliberate change in either governmental spending or tax rates to simulate or slow down the economy.Fiscal policy is the use of government expenditure and revenue in order to influence the economy and fund public goods and policy is the main instrument government uses in order to try and create economic growth.

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Fiscal policy 3 essay

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Definition of fiscal policy. Fiscal policy involves the government changing the levels of taxation and government spending in order to influence Aggregate Demand (AD) and the level of economic activity. Stimulate economic growth in a period of a recession.

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