Experiencing data gathering processes in rumour

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Experiencing data gathering processes in rumour

Furthermore, the interviewer should also be cunning enough in asking investigative questions to the informants as such questions may uncover important and useful data in achieving the research objectives and problems. Thus, this conference paper discusses the experience of the authors in the process of data collection which includes i The Uniqueness of Gossip and Rumour Study, ii Why Phenomenological Approach?

Through the lenses of society, rumour mongering normally could be considered as something petty and nonsensical even though the effects of these activities does involve the members of the organisation without considering their organisational statuses.

Whether one either admit or denies their involvement in rumour conception and mongering, every individual should have gone through the experience whether they like it or not. Despite of its connotation being considered as frivolous and sensational, it however could lead to great impact towards organisations and individual sociologically and psychologically.

In terms of corporation perspective, rumours could lead to bad publicity of the organisation and in some cases it may also imply a loss of millions of dollars. On the other hand, employees who had been a victim of rumour mongering could suffer from stress and depression that usually affect their work productivity as well as social life.

Sadly, none of such issues were given any emphasis by social researchers in Malaysia. Thus, it is vital for this study to be considered as a catalyst in providing an overview of another type of informal communication that lubricates the grapevine communication channel that feeds the rumours and gossiping activities in organisations.

Hence making this study of unique nature as it is quite difficult to determine the rumour mongering culprit, but the phenomenon does exist!. Throughout the research, the researchers were guided by the phenomenological approach and adhered to the processes within.

Experiencing data gathering processes in rumour

This approach offers a way to obtain knowledge based on the core experiences of a person via a descriptive, interpretive and reflective manner Morse and Richards, This study is also in line with Bogdan and Biklen who define phenomenology as a research approach that attempts to understand the meaning of an event or phenomenon and the meaning of human interactions by common people in a certain situation.

It is supported by Merriam who states that phenomenology emphasizes on the process of obtaining meaning based on the experience and its interpretation of a particular phenomenon by certain people.

All precedential knowledge known from previous researchers and the literatures are rested for the time being in ensuring the process of obtaining new experiences of informants involved are not disrupted.

Creswell mentions that phenomenology provides explanation to the actual experiences of several individuals on a phenomenon. Thus, phenomenology looks at the structure of conscious state experience from human experiences; which is very appropriate to this study.

The process of silence is imperative as an initial step to obtain the chance to understand what they are researching. At this stage, they are actually striving to arrive into the conceptual world of their subjects Geertz,however in Bogdad and Biklenthere are an effort to comprehend how and why of the meaning was formed by the informants themselves in their daily lives.

Therefore, this argument really meets the study of conception and rumours mongering at workplace by the organizational members. Due to this, phenomenologists believe that there are multiple ways for researchers to interpret experiences through their interactions with other people.

When meaning is formed, thus it may represent such form of reality experience Greene, It is undeniable that reality is formed by human experiences Berger and Luckmen, This study that deal with conception and rumours mongering at workplace also meet the six processes of phenomenology research that recommended by Spiegelbeg in Merriam Maximum variation sampling means that even though the selected sample was small, sampling was done from various characters in ensuring that the research results varies Merriam, The informants were chosen because they have particular features or characteristics criterion-based selectionwhich have enabled detailed exploration of the research objectives.

The characteristic of the informants should meet the criterion as stated below:Executive summary. For many investors, China is a land of limitless opportunity. There, they can sell their goods and services, feed their supply chain, invest in companies—or buy them out.

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