Essay on a memorable train journey

Uncategorized Short essay on a journey by train Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing write essay for me services provided by professional academic writers Top essay writing companies uk short essay on a journey by train internship. Meeting various types of people during a train journey is a big short essay on a journey by train source of pleasure. Some journeys are short Management thesis on finance and some long.

Essay on a memorable train journey

Learn English Grammer Even more interesting than the study of the different characters of my fellowpassengers was the variety of the scenery through which the train passed. As the train hurred at the speed of forty milean hurpanorama of the scenery passed before my eyes.

At one time the train passed through a dense forest. Then the scene changed and the train plunged into a deep valley and wakened the echoes of a rocky and barren mountain district. Then we crossed a mighty river which was in rapid motion.

The leaping of waters on the banks could be heard from a distance. Nature was most gorgeous there, and it was green and green all round.

Here and there were fields covered with golden corn and gardens full of fruit trees. Hares were frisking in the fields, deer bounding over the plains. All sorts of beautiful birds with variegated plumes fitted across the landscape.

The cattle wallowing in muddy tanks, the farmers ploughing the fields, idle people sitting and smoking under the village tree, the thatched huts, the spires and minarets of temples and churches, were very interesting and picturesque sights. At last the train pulled up at Rawalpindi Junction.

There was a great rush of passengers on the platform.

Essay on a memorable train journey

All seemed to be hurrying to and fro. The hawkers were hawking tea and foodstuffs. The constant whistling of a shunting locomotive also attracted my attention. The shouts of the coolies, and the rush of the passengers, were very interesting.

I changed my clothes in the waiting room at Rawalpindi Station and immediately left for G. Bus stand in Sadar. I boarded a bus bound for Murree. I was in Murree in two hours time. There, I enjoyed a lot but I cannot forget the memorable journey by train.

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MY UNFORGETTABLE TRAIN JOURNEY – Short Story Funny The lovely black & white photograph presented by my son on our silver jubilee marriage anniversary, instantly brought back memories of my unforgettable train trip from Delhi to Hyderabad for my marriage and how I .

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A memorable train journey essay, Write an Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey

The train was about to reach Howrah station and I was very eager to meet my grandparents. My grandfather was waiting at the platform to receive us. Though it was a long, tiring 29 hours train journey, but it was really a memorable experience for me. Joke of the Day. Lost purse: A lady lost her handbag.

It was found by an honest little boy and returned to her. Looking in her purse, she commented, "Hmmm.

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