Do you have to write a senior thesis

English Department Senior Thesis Information As part of your degree requirements in English, you will be asked to write a senior thesis.

Do you have to write a senior thesis

Other students have been planning on writing a thesis all along, and are now only beginning to actually pick and research their actual topic. So, what are the reasons to write a thesis?

I Wrote A Senior Thesis, Should You? - Take Your Success

And how does one write a thesis well? A thesis can be a wonderful culmination of your entire college education. If you think you might pursue graduate school in the future, writing an undergraduate thesis could be an important step in the application process. At some universities, a thesis is required to receive departmental honors.

Rebecca Lipperini, an English major at the University of Pennsylvania, said this was one of her motivations for writing a thesis, as a student at UPenn can only graduate with departmental honors by writing an honors thesis.

Watkins, Marris and Lipperini were also interested in writing theses because it would allow them to investigate academic territory not covered in class. Watkins says that his topic does not fall squarely in the economics or government departments at Wesleyan, and he is excited to use resources from both departments to investigate his interests.

Marris wants to study the late 17th century, but few offered history courses cover this time period, and she plans on using her thesis to focus on this interest. If you do indeed find yourself in the thesis boat, the process can seem more than a little daunting.

Many thesis programs encourage students to start planning in the summer before their senior year. First of all, finding a supportive advisor in your academic department is of paramount importance.

Do you have to write a senior thesis

Preferably, this will be someone who will answer your emails and provide constructive advice and criticism on your reading list and drafts. Ideally, your advisor will be someone that does all of these things, and whom you also feel you can be candid with about the process.

The most important component to thesis writing is staying on schedule. Marris says the word count is not what has her worried, but the primary and secondary reading.

Indeed, the marathon reading can be the most challenging part of the thesis. Generally, students read much more than they end up writing about.

Senior Project and Thesis Guidelines

Make a realistic schedule for yourself and stick to it.Senior Project and Thesis Guidelines for Success The final report you write may end up with an outline looking very different from this annotated outline.

Such is the nature of many projects. A project may end at a very different destination than originally expected. Do the research and/or development work you have proposed to do. quired of all Social Studies concentrators—you have to write one. However, we hope you will not focus on this answer (that is, that the thesis is re- quired) as a reason to avoid thinking about the benefits and challenges of thesis writing.

As daunting, stressful and frustrating writing a senior thesis may be, I definitely do not regret the adventure. I know that I have grown as a person because of it, and the experience is something I will be able to draw upon for years to come. Senior Thesis Information. As part of your degree requirements in English, you will be asked to write a senior thesis.

This letter outlines the objectives of the senior thesis and provides general guidelines for completing the project.

Many students think, wrongly, that in order to do a senior thesis they have to come up with a wholly new idea. But, in many cases, the most successful projects are expansions, reworkings, and further explorations of previous course papers. How to Write a Senior Thesis Proposal A “prospectus” is a short description of your proposed senior thesis, from one page to five pages long, plus a bibliography of books, articles, documentaries, and other sources you have consulted or plan to.

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