Cultural intelligence in thai society

Living in an homogenous society might be a challenge for anybody who wants to become culturally competent and explore other cultures. Gavilano said intercultural competence goes beyond listening: When exploring different methods on how to achieve culture competence, we allow ourselves to benefit others, society and ourselves within our own biased perceptions. Minority groups as well as communities that have been segregated in the past, acquire cultural knowledge to better understand the world as they know it today.

Cultural intelligence in thai society

Leadership Behaviors and Culture

Like other cultural systems, organizational culture controls the behavior, values, assumptions, and beliefs of organizational members.

It is the role of the organizational leader, as a change agent, to help create a positive organizational culture that meets the demands of a competitive environment, board and shareholder expectations, and employee career satisfaction. Since the mids, the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness GLOBE An international group of researchers and social scientists who study multicultural value dimensions, especially how those dimensions are expressed in different cultures.

Knowledge and awareness of cultural values can enable leaders and managers to effectively manage and work through intercultural conflict and interactions.

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Over 17, managers from organizations in 62 societies participated in focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews for this study. The first six dimensions in the chart below originated from the cultural value dimensions Geert Hofstede proposed in the s. Based on the responses generated by the study and using other research, the GLOBE researchers grouped societies into regional clusters.

The clusters were a way of creating meaning around societal views of culture and leadership. Each cluster had characteristics specific to their region, language, religion, history, and shared cultural understanding.

Cultural intelligence in thai society

Leadership Behaviors and Culture The findings of the GLOBE study served to help organizations and societies understand what made an effective or ineffective leader. Many leadership behaviors are similar across societies, pointing out that no matter the cultural difference or society in which a leader is from, there are specific leadership behaviors that are viewed as effective.

The GLOBE project was significant in indicating how cultures perceive effective and ineffective leadership, which is helpful to leaders in facilitating intercultural interactions.

The study revealed six global leadership behaviors, which were used in the study to understand how the clusters perceived leadership.

Using their understanding of leadership behaviors and perceptions of leadership from each cluster group, the researchers were able to identify a leadership profile for each cluster. · This training is just another form of maintaining face in a society in which all such characteristics are almost totally absent.

Chinese intellectuals (the few and the noble) also complain about China's moral and cultural  · The Thai Society Thailand is a hierarchical society in which thanks to the believe in the Karma the social status of the people is untouched. A person who has a high social position has acquired this in its previous important one has to look after his subordinates (for example workers or employees) and his less moneyed Another attribute of Thai culture which our respondents identified as a cultural area to address in the classroom is the hierarchical nature of Thai society.

In Thai culture, concepts of hierarchy are supported by kreng jai (an unwillingness to disturb others, especially people more senior).

Cultural Intelligence in Australia

The Social Imaginary in Thai Society: Globalization, Cultural Dimensions and Education Ponsan Rojanapanich B.A., M.A.A A thesis submitted in total fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy School of Education College of Design The Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) is a not for profit organisation that promotes multiculturalism and fostering intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

We believe in reaching out to all members of society by providing a platform for cultural and information Cultural intelligence, or CQ, is the ability to make sense of unfamiliar contexts and then blend in.

It has three components—the cognitive, the physical, and the emotional/motivational.

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