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Students are invited to submit videos by 31st July when a distinguished jury will select videos for presentation A Biennial of Creative Video. A collaboration with HP, YouTube Play was conceived to discover and showcase the most exceptional talent working in the ever expanding realm of online video. CSVPA have become one of a select number of partners promoting this project, and our students will be submitting their videos in the hopes of making the final shortlist.

Cambridge presentation

D, Cambridge presentation Platt, and Todd M. See the complete text of this paper. Abstract Biological systems can remain unchanged for several hundred years at cryogenic temperatures. In several hundred years, current rapid scientific and technical progress should lead to the ability to reverse any biological damage whose reversal is not forbidden by physical law.

We therefore explore whether contemporary people facing terminal conditions might be preserved well enough today for their eventual recovery to be compatible with physical law.

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The ultrastructure of the brain can now be excellently preserved by vitrification, and solutions needed for vitrification can now be distributed through organs with retention of organ viability after transplantation. Current law requires a few minutes of cardiac arrest before cryopreservation of terminal patients, but dogs and cats have recovered excellent brain function after min of complete cerebral ischemia.

The arrest of biological time as a bridge to engineered negligible senescence, therefore, appears consistent with current scientific and medical knowledge.

It is my pleasure to discuss with this audience the concept of putting biological time on hold so as to create a bridge to both engineered negligible senescence and other valuable medical technologies of the future. Two Ways to Modify Biological Time Nuclear Transfer — The egg cell serves as a "time machine" to take adult cells back in biological time to potentially form autologous totipotent stem cells.

The opponent of the gerontologist is biological time. Equally familiar to this audience is the phenomenon of the time machine provided by cryobiology, in which very low temperatures allow living cells to be moved forward in objective time while standing still in biological time until they are needed.


The Concept of "Medical Time Travel" Many diseases and conditions that are incurable today including senescence! If the patients of today were able to benefit from the medical technologies of the future, many terminal patients could probably be rescued.

You all heard yesterday from Aubrey de Grey about his so-called crazy proposal for the elimination of cancer in humans. In the same vein, I now offer you another audacious proposal. Most of you would agree that many diseases and symptoms that are not presently curable probably will be curable sometime in the future, and that if patients of today could somehow benefit from the medical technology of the future, many people who are now considered terminal could be rescued.

For all practical purposes, at approx. Medical technology will continue to improve. After several hundred years, medicine will be able to reverse any injury whose reversal is not forbidden by fundamental physical law.

If patients can be cooled to approx. We can start to think about this idea by putting together one fact and one assumption. The fact is that for all practical purposes, at degrees centigrade, the temperature of liquid nitrogenbiological changes do not occur, even over periods lasting centuries to millennia.

The assumption is that medical technology will continue to improve for as long as the patient remains at that temperature. It is possible to project that after several hundred years medicine should be able to reverse any injury whose reversal is not forbidden by the laws of physics and chemistry.The University of Cambridge (formally The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge) is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, grupobittia.comd in and granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III in , Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's fourth-oldest surviving university.

Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations; Presentation Skills: An Introduction. Prerequisites Updated. Whatever your specific speaking goal might be - delivering a presentation to colleagues, chairing or engaging in a meeting, giving a toast or tribute, or responding confidently in a Q&A period – the supportive.

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Cambridge presentation

The site is located on Lot H and is located to the north of Market Square and. HubSpot's growing fast and we want your career to, too. Get an inside look at open positions, HubSpot culture, and how you can join the team. Nov 09,  · OWASP Cambridge.

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