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Monday, November 28, Ok Rowdy is one of my fav blogs - you should check her out! I couldn't get her button to work awarded me the Sunshine Award!! You girls really know how to make a girl smile!!

Art and writing awards bloglovin


We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. The incredibly talented, two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington both stars in and directs Fences. We had an opportunity to be part of an interview with him to discuss the film, how he got involved, and to talk about the exciting Across the Fence Campaign.

And that material in the hands of Denzel Washington becomes magical. Fences is ultimately about a man placing a fence around his life trying to claim his humanity.

Washington along with Academy Award nominee, Viola Davis. It comes at a time when we need healing conversations, and Fences gives us a great opportunity for self-examination and to start conversations. What has the work of August Wilson meant to you?

It just happened that we did it seven years ago on Broadway. So I read it. Then I realized that Troy my character was 53 — and I was 55 at the time.

I realized I better hurry up! I might be too old! Here we are seven years later… It more than holds up today.

How long do traveling nurses stay in one place

We have had a tremendous response at the screenings. Did you have any challenges moving Fences from the stage to the screen?

art and writing awards bloglovin

We just had to stay out-of-the-way. He already wrote a masterpiece. What has collaborating with Viola Davis meant to you? Viola is one of the great actors of her generation. Anything you think the audience will take away from the film?

I never tell anyone what to take away from a movie. Across the Fence The Across the Fence campaign celebrates Fences and provides opportunities for families to come closer together.

Healing conversations are so needed at this time. There are several ways you can get involved to share the message presented in Fences.

art and writing awards bloglovin

You can also learn more about the work done by the Boys and Girls Club of America. Denzel Washington is their national spokesperson.

There is no better time than now to get involved with the underserved and underrepresented communities.Some got awards for their big hearts or endless helpfulness. My kid got an award for asking questions, for being curious and probably annoyingly so.

But she asks and Writing “ART” over the articles and drawing an arrow to the nouns they modify (remind students that there are three articles: a, an, the) Writing “ADV” over the adverbs and drawing an arrow to the verbs, adverbs, or adjectives they  · Awards, rants, a writing my!

Monday, November 28, Ok before I go off on my first rant for the day.I want to give a HUGE thanks shout out to a fellow Jennifer over Proud to Be Primary – Spring Butterfly Directed Drawing This butterfly directed drawing is the perfect art project for your class this spring.

Not only does it work on following directions, students will get to explore their creativity as well as symmetry and Idea Song Lyrics – Writing Fix, for help with ideas for writing Organization Song Lyrics – Writing Fix, for help with organization of writing Voice Song Lyrics – Writing Fix, for help using voice in The end of the school year is a very exciting time for both teachers and students.

Celebrate the end of the year with these editable awards. End Of The Year Awards includes 56 pages of award certificates are also included in both color and black/white so that you can customize the award

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