Arauco case analysis

Its habitat is determined by the Mediterranean climate, which is characterised by relatively mild winters and hot, dry summers. With the discovery of America, olive growing spread gradually on a limited scale to South and North America. The 19th century then saw its spread to Australia and nowadays it is also grown elsewhere. Some million olive trees are grown in the world on approximately 8.

Arauco case analysis

This was an estimate, not a census, and archaeologists estimate the population may have been as high as 10, to 12, a few decades earlier.

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His party reported "remarkable, tall, stone figures, a good 30 feet in height", the island had rich soil and a good climate and "all the country was under cultivation".

Fossil-pollen analysis shows that the main trees on the island had gone 72 years earlier in The Dutch reported that a fight broke out in which they killed ten or twelve islanders.

The next foreign visitors arrived on 15 November They spent five days on the island, performing a very thorough survey of its coast, and named it Isla de San Carlos, taking possession on behalf of King Charles III of Spainand ceremoniously erected three wooden crosses on top of three small hills on Poike.

Cook himself was too sick to walk far, but a small group explored the island. He had a Arauco case analysis interpreter who could partially understand the language. He saw only three or four canoes, all unseaworthy.

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Parts of the island were cultivated with banana, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes, while other parts looked like they had once been cultivated but had fallen into disuse. Georg Forster reported in his account that he saw no trees over ten feet tall on the island.

Such devastating events that contributed to the downfall and collapse of the Easter Island society can be attributed to the rapid deforestation during the time of moai-construction. The Easter Island palm was used by settlers for means of constructing agricultural tools for their society and aiding in the transport of the Island's statues.

Arauco case analysis

Violent abductions continued for several months, eventually capturing or killing around men and women, about half of the island's population. The slaves were finally freed in autumn,but by then most of them had already died of tuberculosissmallpox and dysentery.

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Finally, a dozen islanders managed to return from the horrors of Peru, but brought with them smallpox and started an epidemic, which reduced the island's population to the point where some of the dead were not even buried. Eyraud contracted tuberculosis during the island epidemic, which took a quarter of the island's remaining population of 1, with only Rapanui remaining.

The dead included the last ariki mau, the last East Polynesia royal first-born son, the year-old Manu Rangi. Eyraud died of tuberculosis in Augustby which time almost the entire Rapa Nui population had become Roman Catholic.

In the missionaries, having fallen out with Dutrou-Bornier, evacuated Rapa Nui to Mangareva and Tahiti, leaving only on the island.

Six years later, there were just people living on Easter Island, and only 36 of them had any offspring. But to this day much of the island is a ranch controlled from off-island and for more than a century real power on the island was usually exercised by resident non-Rapa Nui living at Mataveri.

An unusual number of shipwrecks had left the island better supplied with wood than for many generations, whilst legal wrangles over Dutrou-Bornier's land deals were to complicate the island's history for decades to come [37] —[ edit ] Alexander Salmon, Jr was the brother of the Queen of Tahiti, the son of an English merchant adventurer, and a member of the mercantile dynasty that had bankrolled Dutrou-Bornier.

He arrived on the island in with some fellow Tahitians and returning Rapa Nui and ran the island for a decade. As well as producing wool he encouraged the manufacture of Rapa Nui artworks, a trade that thrives to this day.

It was this era of peace and recovery that saw the linguistic change from old Rapa Nui to the Tahitian-influenced modern Rapa Nui languageand some changes to the island's myths and culture to accommodate other Polynesian and Christian influences notably, Ure, the old Rapa Nui word for "penis", was dropped from many people's names.

Despite the lack of a resident priest to celebrate mass regularly, the Rapa Nui had returned to Roman Catholicism, but there remained some tension between temporal and spiritual power as Father Roussel disapproved of Salmon because of his Jewish paternity.

Until the s, the surviving Rapa Nui were confined to the settlement of Hanga Roa and the rest of the island was rented to the Williamson-Balfour Company as a sheep farm until The island was then managed by the Chilean Navy until and at that point the rest of the island was reopened.

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In March, the Routledge Expedition landed and began a month archaeological and ethnographic survey of the island. In December another German warship, the commerce raider Prinz Eitel Friedrichvisited and released 48 British and French merchant seamen onto the island, supplying much needed labour for the archaeologists.

Today[ edit ] Until the s the surviving Rapanui were confined to Hanga Roa. The rest of the island was rented to the Williamson-Balfour Company as a sheep farm until In the Rapanui were given Chilean citizenship.

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Case Analysis. This is Part B to the "Arauco: Forward Integration or Horizontal Expansion?" case. This short case looks at the company in late after it has decided to invest in a Brazilian joint venture involving forests, saw mills and a paper mill.

Free Essays on Arauco Case Study for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - However, in the case of Arauco, forward integration presents at least five big threats: 1.

Customers become supplier's competitors, as a consequence, decrease the pulp demand.

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